Item# covert-battery-gps-tracker
The NANO covert battery GPS tracker device is the most innovative, low cost, and practical real time tracker available. We offer discounted prices with an easy to use website. The small battery powered GPS tracking device comes ready to use with a battery life that typically lasts 5-7 days. It is smaller than a credit card and ideal for tracking people, vehicles, and assets. Get unlimited tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO monthly fees.

The small nano covert GPS tracking device includes a magnetic harness, a charger, and one year of unlimited service. After the first year it is just $99 per year to renew. This includes detailed history reports, geo-fences, text/email alerts, speed alerts and much more. This small covert GPS tracker is fast, reliable, and has a long lasting battery. Recharges quickly. We also have a free phone APP.

Once you purchase you will receive a username and password via email and your order should arrive in 2 business days. Shipping is free! There are NO contracts and NO monthly fees

Let's discuss your GPS tracking needs. Call our helpful team at 800-578-1809
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